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New Season of Jokes And Jams Podcast Coming Soon!!!

Hi 🙋🏽‍♀️ Everyone, I have 4 podcasts. I had to put 3 of them on hiatus due to lack of funding and resources. A number of things contribute to this. Don’t worry 😉 I’ll be back soon! Stay Tuned you guys!

Episode One of Jokes And Jams Podcast “The James Brown Tribute”

Click the photo or this link👇🏽 To Watch The Video https://youtu.be/Ta-eZ7eENa0

I created THIS PODCAST to keep joy in my life while I work through my obstacles and carve out a new path for myself in spite of everything that happened to me. It was fun connecting to songs of my childhood or songs that give me happy memories and creating something funny and fresh from them. I’m grateful for everyone who have watched, listened to or supported this podcast. I’m excited about creating more freshness and also educating young people about the rich legacy of Black Music in America.

I created this blog (and all my other podcast blogs) to keep this work going and to carve out a semi-permanent place in Cyberspace where my followers and supporters can enjoy this content❤️ Below are links to previous episodes and my audio catalog of #AaronaRemakes I have created so far!

Previous Jokes And Jams Podcast Episodes

My Jokes & Jams Podcast AaronaRemakes

Check out ALL my #AaronaRemakes by clicking the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click this link👉🏽 https://www.aaronathevirgo.com/podcasts

AaronaRemakes from Jokes & Jams Podcasts
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